Integra Salus natural cosmetics - ancient knowledge



Integra Salus natural cosmetics - medicinal herbs & natural raw materials - ancient knowledge

There once was a land where the seasons came and remained with joy and generosity: a large plateau between 3300 and 6600 feet (1000-2000 mt) above sea level; Winter was full of wonderful snow and Spring opened to a fantastic dance of colours and bird-flight, Summer was full of perfumes and endless games of clouds, while in Autumn silence was dressed with rich, intense colours that quickly went to rest. A plateau that nature built and painted with passion and tenderness..

There is a vegetable garden in the skies of Veneto in Italy, the Asiago Plateau, more precisely Roana, along a strip of land that marks the end of the meadows and the beginning of the woods, a vegetable garden that resembles a flower garden, an uncontaminated space where Mother Nature smiles and sings and spreads colour to create gifts that do not stop there but through knowledge and the heart and the effort of many hands are transformed into products for the well being of people.

There is a vegetable garden that has as spectators only fir and larch, roe deer, deer and squirrels, swallows, sparrows and robins, hawks, eagles and buzzards. A special microclimate favours and keeps intact the healing properties of the plants, which are harvested by hand and promptly selected and processed with care and love that accompanies the head and hands of those who work every day to grow over a hundred species of medicinal plants, to allow them to mature through time, so as to season their balsamic properties, in the nearby lab to create directly the raw materials that are used to create the products of Integra Salus.

Integra Salus: from the Latin intact – intact, whole, pure, uncorrupted; Salus – health, safety, conservation, welfare

As always happens when you release a project and make major bets for the future, the roots are to be found in the past of the individuals, in their experiences of life, work and growth.

Angela Nirvana Mauri has a past as a beautician, in the broadest and most modern sense of the term; 30 years ago she favoured massage and personalised treatments, helped by a strong predisposition to listening to people and a natural hospitality. Each customer had their own story, their own life, and their own requests for attention and genuine dedication.

A love for the care and welfare of the person in his psycho-physical-spiritual wholeness, which was always with her, even after giving up her profession as a beautician, and led her to research, study, experiment with natural remedies for well-being.

Founder of the Comunità San Giovanni Battista non-profit organisation that delivers aid to the needy with two social projects: “Casa Veronica” that houses women in difficulty and “Not only bread” for the distribution of food to those in need. Founder of the Community San Giovanni Battista, recognised by the diocese of Padua as a Private Association of the faithful, which organises meetings and moments of study of the Word, the Christian sense of being, the importance and value of the person.

This was the birth, in 2005, of a method of help and support for those who live in suffering, called R.P.M. for those who need natural products such as phytotherapy. This gave rise to the need to cultivate medicinal plants in a botanical garden and the start-up of a laboratory which allowed us to initiate full-scale production of excellent natural cosmetics and curative compounds.

We were inspired by many different sources: ancient herbal medicine, wisdom and medicine of the Saints, the art of the perfumers. Ancient knowledge revisited with due diligence by a modern-day woman, who knows how to conjugate it with cutting-edge technology and research of modern natural cosmetics.

She created a team of experts and genuine enthusiasts, who share her life principles and goals and together they created the new Integra Salus cosmetic line: fruit of pure love for nature, for man, for Creation.


with a history that started a long time ago

Integra Salus natural cosmetics - medicinal herbs & natural raw materials - ancient knowledge


passion, loyalty, respect
and culture for our work

Integra Salus natural cosmetics - medicinal herbs & natural raw materials - ancient knowledge

CSGB Italia, producer of the brand Integra Salus is surrounded by greenery and the mountains of Roana, one of the seven municipalities that make up the wonderful and well-known area of the Asiago Plateau, which is centrally located in the Venetian Pre-Alps range, and is in the province of Vicenza.

Every good project has its roots in the spiritual dimension of people who pursue it. CSGB Italia has built its business plan on this basis; in the spiritual dimension lurks the passion, the love, respect, loyalty and culture for our work; a project which does not see profit as the ultimate goal, but we decided to retrieve a lost ancient knowledge, a slow wisdom that prefers the rhythms of nature and the seasons to the acceleration of these rhythms for profit.

This spiritual dimension and harmony accompanying the cultivation and production work goes far beyond a simplistic concept tied to the concepts of “natural” and “organic” and is a significant feature of the “Integra Salus” brand.

Produce only from natural raw materials and naturally derived materials, without using petroleum or synthetic products, is a brave choice, many companies that advertise a natural product actually speak only of active ingredients which are added to a very rich base of everything but raw materials.

We put care, dedication, love and gratitude for creation and for the Creator to overcome the modern concept of cosmetics as purely an effect of appearance and recover instead its important role that in addition to beauty, takes into account well-being and psycho-physical harmony: kosmetikon in its original concept, meaning as beautiful and tidy as Creation.

The love and dedication accompanies all stages of production: cultivation, harvesting, research and development, the processing workshop, storage of semi-finished products and raw materials, production, packaging, storage of finished products and marketing.

The wide range of Integra Salus products offers many alternatives to meet the most diverse preferences and needs: the orientation to the satisfaction of the professional operator and the end user is the reward and motivation to a team of experts for which research and development are the soul of the labs.

Integra Salus is a brand that embodies targeted cosmetic products for facial beauty and harmony of the body. Our products are suitable for the whole family: products for women, for men, for children and a rich variety of natural remedies.

This is our certification and warranty: in other words, we produce and transform “the way God commands” … which is quite another thing!

From the study of the history of the territory, environment and tradition of Asiago Plateau and the Seven Towns, far from sources of pollution and with a microclimate that characterises the area of cultivation, CSGB Italia grows, selects and produces its own recipes following the rules of simplicity, respect and harmony.

For the cultivation, managed by the non-profit organisation Comunità San Giovanni Battista Onlus, no synthetic product is used, but only natural fertilisers and traditional care for the plants are used (macerated nettles, elderflower ,. .): unfortunately, sometimes even deer appreciate our plants, as they are not in the final products.

Aloe barbadensis and Aloe arborescens are grown in the greenhouse following natural methods. They are hand-peeled to obtain the gel contained in the leaves, rich in properties. This allows us to use a fresh aloe gel which is not purchased dried and then rehydrated.

From knowledge and careful observation of the plant we can captures its properties; as a result, the extraction of its essences must follow a natural process, in full harmony with the material of origin (the plant) and without resorting to aggressive methods.

The plant’s active ingredients are extracted not by standardised methods, but according to a study method developed over time with gentle, delicate, extractions, that sometimes require a long time but that allow us to only take what is good from the leaves, the flowers, the fruit, the trunks and the roots.

The hydro-alcoholic preparations, “essences”, and oleolites used in our products, also allow us not to use synthetic fragrances to not alter the harmony, the correct mixing/formulation of the products that serve not only to return the beauty and health back to the skin, but also act with the principles of aromatherapy for physical and mental well-being.


pursuing the natural process
Integra Salus natural cosmetics - ancient knowledge - Medicinal herbs


are turned into rules

Integra Salus natural cosmetics - Ancient knowledge

The courageous choice of taking one step back, and maybe more than one …

✓ to produce only natural raw materials and from natural origins

✓ to harvest respecting balsamic plant times

✓ to work with active ingredients derived from nature only and other naturally derived components; from surfactant emulsifiers to preservatives

✓ the use only honey and beeswax from the animal kingdom

✓ to prepare our products with artisanal production phases, where the careful hand and expert observation make the difference

✓ to produce in small batches and use the right packaging for an expensive active product, without adding preservatives which are aggressive and irritating to the skin

✓ to use recyclable materials

✓ not to test products on animals

We do not use:

  • ingredients derived from dead animals (such as: Sodium tollowate, Collagen, Elastin, Keratin, Squalene, Ostrea, the dye C.I. 75470, etc ..)
  • oil derivates (such as: Propylene glycol, Butylene glycol, Vaseline, Paraffinum liquidum, Mineral Oil and Petrolatum, Polyacryllamide or Carbomer, etc ..)
  • preservatives that contain parabens (such as: Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, etc ..)
  • preservatives containing phenoxyethanol (like: Phenoxyetanol)
  • preservatives that release formaldehyde (such as: Imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, Methtylchloroisothiazoline, Methylisothiazolinone, etc ..)
  • silicones (such as Dimethicone, Amodimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, etc ..)
  • ethoxylated surfactants (Sodium pareth sulfate, Sodium laureth sulfate, ecc ..)
  • bactericides such as chlorhexidine and Triclosan
  • synthetic perfumes and dyes