We would like to work with you to sell your products, with qualified personnel who can appreciate the quality and share our Mission:

“Every person is a story, a life, a quest for wellness
who asks for care, love, authentic devotion and attention
in their entire psycho-physical-spirit”
The Integra Salus products are formulated following the criteria of the Natural Cosmetics or the Eco Cosmetics, and therefore are free of prime materials not permitted by the Biological and Natural Cosmetics.
Today, more than ever, those who look after the wellness and beauty of the person, are asked for:
  1. preparation and competence to offer to the client
  2. ethics in the advice and proposals of the products
  3. choice of the supplier based on a criteria of ecological sustainability and ethical company visions
  4. sales directed towards benefits for the client with an holistic approach
The concept of natural is expanding ever more in our choice of natural cosmetics, not wishing to demonize the other products, but to be a response to the request for information regarding the environmental and ecological discussions, that today are very evident, by the consumer who is very attentive to the substances contained in the INCI.
The definition of natural cosmetics can be applied when at least 10% of its composition is natural, but for the client who is looking for green products these are not really natural
All the produce of Integra Salus respond to the demands of the client not only with the prime material used, but also because the principle vegetable ingredient is obtained from plants cultivated by us in the mountains of the Altopiano of Asiago at a height of 1100 metres, using natural methods: from the cultivation to the collection, from the method of drying, and obtaining the extraction are not carried out by the standard processes, but by a process studied and perfected over time. A gentle and delicate extraction, at times long, allows us therefore to extract not only the phytoteraputic ingredients but also the essential oils of the plant that are used in aromatherapy, to satisfy the needs of those who are looking for not only beauty, but also wellbeing in the psycho-physical sphere.
All of this demonstrates that our natural cosmetics products are of the highest quality and are efficacious because they are rich in active ingredients. With this we gain the trust our clients, even the most demanding, who appreciate its quality and its unique value.
Integra Salus is a brand that includes a range of cosmetics aimed at the beauty of the face and the harmony of the body. It is for all the family: products for women, for men, for children, products specific for the hair, and a rich range of natural remedies for the psycho-physical well being.
Our company will accompany you supporting your dedication with information material, training to become a collaborator and a professional, dedicated days for your clients, offering them the adequate treatment in order to understand its value, its benefits and how to use the Integra Salus products.
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